Return To Honor Book
Don Kirchner

Return To Honor

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Return To Honor is a literary example of the expression, "less is more." It's a small book with a powerful message...only 13 chapters with 13 principles for living life more fully, with greater personal freedom. These principles were learned and experienced by the author during his time in federal prison and in the years afterward. Each proved invaluable to him in overcoming adversity and gaining insights about virtues that he came to believe were timeless and universal in his consistent ability to turn adversity into victory and adversaries into allies. 

"This book is a distillation," Don Kirchner says, "of all I have ever learned from teachers and masters on both sides of prison walls. Reading this book will help you take very real and very simple (not necessarily easy) steps to live more freely, more fulfilled and much happier lives."  

In it, he draws upon first-hand experiences and teachings many people pay a lot to learn about in personal-growth seminars, workshops and conferences that he has attended often, and lists many of the best ones in the back of the book, along with the most inspirational books, music and films from which he learned the most.