A Matter of Time Limited Edition
Don Kirchner

A Matter of Time (Silver Edition)

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The Story Behind The "Silver Edition" of A Matter of Time

During the early book cover design phase of the book, Don went to an air show in Phoenix and while looking at the old warbirds on display, he snapped a close-up photo of one of them...close enough that the shiny metal fuselage with rivets and hinges could be seen clearly. He had an idea for a very special edition of his book that would feature the "skin" of the airplane as if it were wrapped around the book. When the 3rd Edition of the book went to print, he had ONLY 500 copies made using this design, which he called "The Silver Edition." There will never be another copy of this edition made or printed. 

Although the content of the book is exactly the same, the cover is not...and inside the cover is a certificate of ownership and authenticity, numbered and signed by the author and the publisher, with the publisher's seal. 

The first few copies were given to close friends and supporters, and some dignitaries. The remaining amount are now being sold for $49 each. The price goes up with each increment of 100 sold, thereby making each copy worth more, regardless of when it was sold. When the last copy is sold, all existing copies will become more valuable as success with the regular book copies increases. It is possible that Silver Edition copies of the book will eventually increase in value. Like coins in mint condition, they are undamaged and unused.