Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Those words from Janis Joplin's popular song "Me & Bobbie McGee" used to haunt me every time I thought about them or heard them on the radio. I'm not sure what she meant, exactly, but Janis was no stranger to troubled times, nor am I always felt a sort of secret understanding about what she meant. I'm not going to take liberties with Janis' presumed intentions, but I was a close friend of someone who knew her well...well enough to greet her at the Santa Fe airport whenever she wanted to escape from the bright lights and tumultuous world celebrities live in and take her to a secluded little mountain town in the Sangre de Christo mountains where she wrote and recorded that song.

Freedom's a big word. Like the words Love, Truth, Honor and a few others like that, there are a lot of variations in meaning. Janis had nothing in the beginning of her music career, and eventually had every material thing money could buy...but as it often happens with stardom and life in general, it couldn't buy her what she wanted

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